Teacher Terms and Conditions 

Welcome to our educational community! As you embark on the journey of submitting a course suggestion, it's important to agree to the following Terms and Conditions, which ensure a positive, respectful, and enriching environment for all members of our platform.
1. Professional Certification and Qualification:
By agreeing to these terms, you certify that you are professionally qualified and certified to teach the content of your proposed course, adhering to the highest standards set by recognized governing bodies in your field.
2. Content Ownership and Rights:
You affirm your ownership of the content or the right to use third-party materials within your course. You grant the platform a non-exclusive license to use, distribute, and display the content.
3. Content Quality and Integrity:
You commit to providing secular, evidence-based content, free from pseudoscience, ideological claims, or spiritual assertions, upholding the platform's commitment to quality and integrity.
4. Professional Conduct, Insurance, and Compliance:
You agree to maintain professional conduct, hold necessary professional indemnity insurance, and comply with the laws and regulations of your country relevant to educational content and instruction.
5. Restriction on Cross-Promotional Content:
You agree to refrain from including any form of cross-promotional content in your course offerings. The focus should remain on delivering value and knowledge without diverting learners to external products, services, or platforms.
6. Non-Spamming Policy:
You adhere to our non-spamming policy, which prohibits the sending of unsolicited or unwanted messages, including promotional content, to any individual or group without their explicit consent. This policy supports our goal of maintaining a safe, respectful, and distraction-free learning environment for all users.
7. Compensation and Revenue Sharing:
Compensation will be based on a revenue-sharing model, detailed in a separate agreement. You understand the implications of offering free courses and agree to their promotional value.
8. Data Privacy and Security:
You commit to respecting learner data privacy and security, in line with applicable data protection laws and platform policies.
9. Amendments and Termination:
These Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment, with continued participation indicating acceptance of any changes. Termination terms will be outlined in a comprehensive agreement.
Agreement Confirmation:
By selecting "I Agree," you confirm your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, acknowledging that you meet the required professional qualifications and agree to abide by these terms in your contributions to the platform.

Thank you for your dedication to high-quality education and for respecting the values and standards of our community. We look forward to your impactful and engaging course suggestions.