Introduction to Transactional Analysis 

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a powerful theory that can be applied in both personal and professional settings. It helps us understand the different parts of our personality and how we interact with others. By learning about TA, you'll gain insights into your own behaviors and thought processes, as well as the behaviors and thought processes of those around you.


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7 weeks



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By exploring key concepts such as ego states, transactions, games, and scripts, you'll gain insights into your own personality and the personalities of others, and learn practical strategies for building healthier relationships. Whether you're a therapist, a manager, a teacher, or just someone looking to improve your interactions with others, this course will provide you with a valuable toolkit of skills and knowledge.
You will have the opportunity to learn online by signing into your school account and get started straight away.
You will be given plenty of material, exercises and challenges.

Meet the instructor

Martha Curtis

Founder, Psychotherapist and Coach
Martha's vision for Optimal Life HQ is to provide innovative training to exceptional coaches, professionals and private individuals. She has been running coaching workshops since 2015 and is passionate about positive psychology, research and transactional analysis.