Ending the Year Positively

Ending the Year Positively" is an online course crafted by Martha Curtis, focused on fostering self-reflection and personal growth. Spanning key life areas like relationships, health, and career, this course guides you through an introspective review of the past year. Each session offers insightful questions, helping you uncover your achievements and challenges. Discover and celebrate your strengths as you prepare to embrace the new year with positivity and a renewed sense of purpose.


Starting date


Materials needed:

Pen, paper and other crafting materials of choice


Anyone interested in personal growth


In your own time


$ 30

Why should I take this course?

Creative Insight

Empowering Reflection

Artistic Exploration

Unlock a deeper understanding of your life's journey. This course offers a unique way to visualize personal growth and gain insights, fostering creativity and self-awareness
Discover the transformative power of reflective questions. Engage in a process that empowers you to recognize accomplishments and envision a fulfilling future
Explore your year artistically. This course blends introspection with creativity, enhancing emotional expression and providing a new perspective on life experiences